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1楼2017-09-13 01:35
    Howdy all, It's been slightly over a year since I quit co2 and eve. For me that was the same thing.
    Seeing Judge claiming stuff he has no grounds whatsoever to claim makes me write this post.
    Firstly. Judge only ever had his own interest in mind. I know cause I put him there as a diplo for that reason. He was well connected and thus useful. Most of the time he just hung around looking important and shit talking about people and corps.
    Secondly. Blaming gigX is easy. Too easy. He is a great leader (it's a serious game remember), a good fc... but a lousy politician. That's why he had me :) Expecting a single person to manage all those aspects is either naive or plain stupid. Both grunts expecting that or leaders claiming it are set up for failure. Gigx was naive to think he could control every aspect. And Judge took advantage of that. Yes, advantage. Cause taking an offer from Aryth... really Judge!?! For the insiders that is sucking satan's cock (enjoyed it?)
    Thirdly. I wish whatever will be left of Circle of Two all the best. You'll need it. Keep the chaotic, fanatical fire burning - it's worth saving in a very cold and calculated game.
    And to gigX - I salute you old friend. You were inspirational and annoying at the same time. Commanded respect and were a pain in the ass. All characteristics of a good leader.

    2楼2017-09-13 01:38